New crappy mapsource version released - beware!

just downloaded and tried Mapsource 6.14.1 version. And I liked some of what I saw, especially the visual impression, finally Mapsource uses antialiasing techniques to show non-jagged lines, I have never really liked the old presentation that much. But as said by others in the gpsmap 60c and 60cs forum that is a matter of preference and getting used to.

But there seems to be a high price for this enhanced look, a price I too is not willing to pay, that is performance. And precision.
The speed is not good enough, but it may be enhanced later on, no the thing that really made my throw it out was the fact that the projection used is not adjusted for being up north, means that distances north-south versus east-west does not compare. Previous mapsource compensated for this and made the scaling. New on doesn't and that really made me throw it out.

Garmin - it's either a faat bug or just plain crap.

I'm sticking to the previous version of 6.13.7

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